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Made By Hand

Sustainably made with love by skilled artisans in villages around Guatemala.

Support Fair Trade

We are built on a commitment to Fair Trade and ethical values.

Made in Guatemala

Every purchase supports the communities of our Mayan artisan partners in Guatemala.

No plastic

No plastics in any of our discs. Only recycled plastics everywhere else.

100% Natural Dye Sport Disc

A limited edition el Grande colored with the natural dye process. 

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MayaFlya Discs

Experience the most versatile flyer on earth!
We offer discs for every type of activity life throws your way. 

Get Flyin'

Made in guatemala 🇬🇹

The Guatemalan area has been a fertile land for production, trade, export, and culture throughout its history. The rich and rural landscape creates a unique combination of different organisms, all looking for solutions from the land and building communities that thrive off of the natural supply chain. All these in an environment made by Volcanos, forests and water, where the local Mayans had to welcome the European colonizers or immigrants a couple of centuries ago; creating a land of contrasts and innumerable possibilities.

Love for Buena Onda!

We love the El Grande. Flies very well and even the dog loves chasing it!

Jeff D.

I love it! The perfect disc to keep in my backpack and pull out anywhere, anytime :)

Kevin L. 

This bocce game is so small and light, and yet fully functional, that I can take it with me anywhere and have a game setup. I heartily recommend it!

Forest P.

Our grandsons had a great time playing horse, and just horsin' around with the YippiYappa. Their Mom had fun, too. We can't wait for our Coronavirus isolation ends so that we can play with it too!

Jessica S.