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From the Cooler Top to the Tabletop

Made By Hand

Sustainably made by skilled artisans.

Support Fair Trade

We are built on a commitment to Fair Trade and ethical values.

Made in Guatemala

Every purchase supports the community and livelihood of Guatemala.

No plastic

No plastics in any of our discs. Only recycled plastics everywhere else.

MayaFlya Discs

Experience the most versatile flyer on earth!
We offer discs for every type of activity life throws your way. 

Get Flyin'


Love for Buena Onda!

We love the El Grande. Flies very well and even the dog loves chasing it!

Jeff D.

I love it! The perfect disc to keep in my backpack and pull out anywhere, anytime :)

Kevin L. 

Since the day I got my Pocket Disc, I have taken it with me everywhere. It has become an essential addition to my backpack, and I have thoroughly enjoyed throwing it back and forth with a friend or even entertaining myself by tossing it up in the air.  Thanks Pocket Disc!

Ashley N.

As an avid disc golfer it's always in my bag. Whether chillin on the tee pad or walking the fairways. it's always fun to give it a toss!!

Scott D.