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Our toys and games inspire people to put down their phones and put a smile on their faces while they connect in the real world. Here are a few ways we Play For Good:

Handmade in Guatemala

Sustainably crafted by over 600 Mayan artisan partners.

Buena Business

Committed to leaving the world better than we found it through fair trade, green initiatives, and ethical values.

Lifetime Guarantee

Reducing waste by producing products that last a lifetime.

No plastic

No plastics in any of our discs. Only recycled plastics everywhere else.

Do MayaFlyas Really Fly?

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Experience the most versatile flyer on earth!
We offer discs for every type of activity life throws your way. 

Get Flyin'

Fair Trade Certified

See how your purchase helps over 600 Mayan families in Guatemala.

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Love for Buena Onda!

We love the El Grande. Flies very well and even the dog loves chasing it!

Jeff D.

I love it! The perfect disc to keep in my backpack and pull out anywhere, anytime :)

Kevin L. 

This bocce game is so small and light, and yet fully functional, that I can take it with me anywhere and have a game setup. I heartily recommend it!

Forest P.

Our grandsons had a great time playing horse, and just horsin' around with the Canastaball (YippiYappa). Their Mom had fun, too. We can't wait for our Coronavirus isolation ends so that we can play with it too!

Jessica S.