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Lifetime Guarantee

Welcome to the Buena Onda family!  Your purchase supports over 600 Mayan artisans in Guatemala who handcraft these brilliant toys and games.  Their work is of premium quality and will last a lifetime if cared for appropriately.  Register within 30 days of purchase with your name, email address, place/website of purchase, and the product you bought.

If your product appears to be defective, contact us by email at, and we will provide instructions on how to send it to us for evaluation.  Then, we will repair or replace it if it falls under warranty.  However, please note that the warranty does not extend to abuse and neglect.  This includes but is not limited to:  
  • Excessive exposure from leaving it in the sun, dirt, water or elsewhere for long periods of time where mold or decay can occur
  • Dogs or other pets chewing; while our toys are animal friendly, they are for play; not for chew
We stand by our products and will take prompt action for you when warranted.  Care for your products and they will keep bringing you the Buena Onda for years to come!