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Luna Disc

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We excavated a few bins full of these old beauties.  You veteran fans will remember we launched these light up discs over a decade ago.  

People loved ‘em.  We sold tons. Then they broke.  It seems there was a fault in our stars (actually just a loose connection at the union point with the battery box). So we stopped selling them.

But we refuse to throw stuff in the landfill, and now you can get the equivalent of an El Grande in perfect condition, for nearly 30% off.

The catch? They might not light up. They probably will, but you may need to get a CR2023 watch battery to replace the one in there. Worst case, if they just don't light up, get out some needle nose pliers and snip the wire, and gently pull it out and now you have a pretty sweet grande Pocket Disc on the super cheap. So either way you win.

No Guarantees or warranties on these, just a really good price tag. That's for helping us recycle!

Patterns chosen at random.

Love for Buena Onda Games!

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Made in Guatemala

Fair Trade Federation Member

Made By Hand

No Electronics Necessary