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Crocheted Purses

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Love your pocket disc or MayaFlya so much you want a purse that looks just like it?  We gotcha covered.  Like most of our purses and other non-game/toy items, this is the narrative:

  • a village leader asked if we liked their idea and could we sell them.
  • We say, that’s cool, hmm, maybe…you know, we’re more focused on toys.  To which they reply, we know but we thought you’d like this.  They are normally right and we take them.
  • Then we forget about them in boxes as we focus on fun, which is what we do,
  • Then Dave finds them and says, lets sell these.
  • Then you get em for a discount.  
  • Pretty simple life cycle.  Enjoy.

Were 24.99. Now $17.99

Made in Guatemala

Fair Trade Federation Member

Made By Hand

No Electronics Necessary