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Become a Buena Onda Games Affiliate!

Want to join us on our mission to get screen time down & get MayaFlyas up? Let's spread more Buena Onda together. 🤙 

If you're an Influencer, NGO, Blogger, or just someone who loves to inspire folks to get off their tails and put down their phones... Join our Affiliate Program! It comes with big perks. 😉

How it works: 

  • To apply, fill out the form below with your social handles, website, contact info, and why you would kill it at representing our brand.
  • If we think you pass the vibe check, we'll send an affiliate kit for you to check out and review. And if we *like* like you, we'll even send you some extras for a few giveaways with your own followers.
  • You'll also get a custom discount code! Every time one of your amigos uses your code to buy a game on our site, they get 15% off and you get a 10% commission, paid out on the 15th of each month. That's what we like to call a win, win, win.
  • You'll feel great knowing you're helping artisans in Guatemala earn a living wage while also helping someone get off the couch and get outdoors!
  • About Us:

    At Buena Onda Games, we're all about having fun and doing good. Each product is handmade by the Maya of Guatemala, weaving together their artistic creativity with our fair trade and sustainable principles. Your efforts support their community while creating fun for our customers and their loved ones. Thanks for helping us Play for Good!