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Bocce Rules

Unlike regular Bocce, our game kit weighs just 1 lb. which happens to be half the weight of just one official Bocce Ball. So take your new ultralight Bocce game anywhere and have a blast – inside the family room, at the campsite, beach etc and you won’t need a court. Simply throw the Pallino wherever you like that round and have at it.


• Divide the balls into 2 teams by color. • Teams can be 1 on 1 or 2 on 2.
• Flip a coin for who goes first.


• Winner of the coin toss throws the Pallino (the smaller Pelotie ball) first. • That person then throws their first ball.


The winner of each round is determined by the team’s ball that is closest to the Pallino. Once that is decided upon, the winning team will get one point for each of their balls that are closer to the Pallino than the opposing team’s closest ball. The winning team will always get at least one point but could get up to 4. Too close to tell visually? The game pouch has a drawstring that can be used as a “measuring tape”. Compare the two balls in question by stretching the string from the Pallino to each ball to see which is closest.

Bonus Kiss: Get a bonus point if your ball is touching the Pallino at the end of the round.

Simple rules: The next round the other team throws the Pallino and goes first. Continue flip flopping rounds until one team gets to 12.
Official rules: The winner of the round throws the Pallino and goes first. Simple rules: Alternate turns until all balls are thrown.

Official rules: Each team throws one ball. The team who’s ball is farther from the Pallino must keep shooting until they land one that is closest, then the other team goes. Always, the team closest to the Pallino will wait until the farther team has shot all their balls or gets one closest, at which time the other team goes, and so on ...


  1. Unlike classic Bocce Ball where you must use a court and a specific shooting area, in our Bocce game, its the choice of the team throwing out the Pallino what that round looks like ... Throw the Pelotie (Pallino) anywhere you like – on the couch, the coffee table, down the hall ... migrate around the house, yard, campsite, etc over the course of the game.
  2. If you are closest to the Pallino, consider landing your next shot to act as a blocker to prevent the opponent from knocking your closest ball or the Pallino out of the way.
  3. You can knock your opponents closest ball away from the Pallino.
  4. You can knock the Pallino to a position that is closer to your balls and farther from your opponents.
  5. Each team has two tightly stuffed balls called Rollers and 2 floppy ones called Kerplunkers. The Rollers are great for items 3 and 4 above while the Kerplunkers are good for #2 and for drop shots that you don't want a lot of movement on after they hit the ground. 
  6. Master your english – backspin and topspin and sometimes side spin all will serve you well when needed.

Take your kit everywhere you go and have fun!