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Frogs Game Mat (No Discs)

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Dear Friends,

We have a deal for you that really stinks. 

You can have this Frogs game for free. It’s normally valued at $40 and it's a real the rules below. But you get it free. Smell fishy? We’ll get to that. First, a little story...

Many moons ago, we invented this great game and did our first and only run of Chinese production. In the 11th hour they changed from a less bad Polyurethane base to PVC. A month later we received 25,000 units. Our green feelings were seriously hurt. We actually got green and our shirt ripped as our muscles got strangely huge. But what could we do? For a while we did nothing and they sat in a barn for a few years. Then we figured we might as well sell them as they existed, so at least they could bring some smiles to a few faces. But we never really pushed them as their eco credentials left a sour taste in our mouth.

So now we’re at the point where they’ve been sitting in the barn for a while and have become a bit smelly. It’s nothing that a bit of vinegar and water or diluted bleach won't spitshine in a hurry, but our shipping team no longer has the time to polish 'em up for you and the boxes kinda stink. 

That's it. A few mildew spots to be cleaned and a slightly stinky box. So now what? Throw them in the landfill? Or give them to our awesome fans?  We chose the latter.  We don't even care if you don't buy the Indoor 4 pack that is suggested to get you started with this game- tho in truth, 8 sports discs really makes this game find its peak performance. Buy our hacky sacks instead to throw at it. Or don't buy anything. Just give us the 13 bucks it costs us to ship it and it's yours for free to throw rocks at, wadded up socks or whatever else you have handy. 

And once these are gone, what's the future of Frogs? It will be reborn in burlap - or so we hope. We have another game on the drawing board being whipped up in Guatemala with reused coffee sacks - we reckon burlap is a whole better than PVC. 

Thanks for helping us keep this plastic outta the landfill. The good news, it should last you a lifetime and have you crackin up as you play.

A few not so technical, technical notes: Max: 6 units per customer.  Nope, we don't know how to set that in shopify, so we are counting on you to play nice.  And yes it does cost $13 per unit to ship, the box is very long and that wonks the shipping calculators for USPS and UPS.  Enjoy!  


The game of accuracy with whacky rules and consequences that you can play anywhere (instructions here).  Kit includes a 32 x 48” Frogs Pad and 4 Indoor MayaFlyas and game instructions. Lightweight take-with-you-anywhere fun for camping trips, tailgating, the backyard, family room, dorm or nearly anywhere else. Discs are random designs and not exactly as shown.

All Buena Onda Games products carry a lifetime guarantee, so get out there and Play for Good!

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Made in Guatemala

Fair Trade Federation Member

Made By Hand

No Electronics Necessary