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YippiYappa Companion Kit


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Take your YippiYappa to the pro party level with this Companion Kit.  Sold individually: CoinPurse: $7.99 and the Table Pucks are $4.99 each.

Pro and Beginner YippiYappa players alike love the ballast effect of filling a Sunburst CoinPurse with dry rice and putting it in the bottom of their YippiYappa.  This prevents tipping the Yippi in all but the most extreme bricks hurled its way.

The two table pucks allow for frantic racing games where you flick the pucks at the pelotie balls that come in your YippiYappa game kit.  Here are a few Table Puck games: 


Coinpurse and Table Pucks come in assorted color patterns chosen at random and will vary from those shown here.

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Made in Guatemala

Fair Trade Federation Member

Made By Hand

No Electronics Necessary